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Biolibrary is an online platform that allows orthopaedists and doctors to create in an automatic way custom ready-to-print 3d models of prostheses and muscule-skeletal devices. With its patented algorithm, it can shift the paradigm of the procedures to develop any prostheses or musculoskeletal devices

Imagine a new way to model prostheses or musculo-skeletal devices without 3d modelling competencies.

Toward the mass-customisation of medical devices


The orthopaedist or the doctor starts the automatic modelling work through a radiography image and three photos simply taken from the mobile phone.

Everything is in cloud

Access on the online platform and upload your files. The platform does the rest for you, automatically.

The choice of 3d models

You can choose among the available online models that match with the needs of the patient.

Ready-to-print models

Biolibrary matches the patient's data parameters with the chosen models, and that it is done automatically online, ready to be printed through 3d additive printing.

Digital check-up of the models

There is no need to manually measure or to verify whether the device is suitable to the patient's measures. Simulations are directly done online.

Sustainable manufacts for a rapid post-trauma recovery

Printed manufacts derive from hemp and they are 100% recyclable. The exclusive technology allows the development of breathable material that do not alter their shapes in case of water or heating.

We project for hospitals and orthopaedic centres

Biolibrary is the solution for a multiplicity of problems

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Biolibrary is an online software that automatically codes musculo-skeletal and internal manufacts to support the work of ortopaedists and doctors in creating custom solution regardless the place where one works.

Biolibrary software is equipped with an online library of prostheses and musculoskeletal 3d standard models that are matched with the patient's data inserted as input parameters for automatic modelling.

Thanks to its patented algorithm, any doctor or orthaepedist will be able to create custom ready-to-print devices thanks to a monitor, an Internet connection and a smartphone.

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any object with photogrammetry

modellazione 3d protesi digitale

The future, in the cloud & ready to be printed

In one space you will be able to obtain 3d ready-to-print models thanks to a portable cloud software simple to use.
You do not need 3d modelling competencies.

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